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First Blood

by Onslaught Six

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Waspinator1998 Catchy lyrics about classic action (and often science fiction) movies paired with heavy, pulse-pounding instrumentals and blisteringly fast guitar solos make First Blood an experience you'd be remiss to pass up. Favorite track: Machine Wars.
SN thumbnail
SN Something about this track is even more catchy than my long-time runner for favorite, Shredder. I think it's just that beat, the lyrics, the whole feel of the song. Favorite track: Machine Wars.
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NEW WORLD ORDER AD 2029 The last bastion of hope Technology stands to rule us all A cybernetic revolt Robots march in legions of steel Emotionless but for rage Their logic dictates the end of time And the beginning of a new age NEW WORLD ORDER Technological hivemind Puts forth the new regime Capturing humans by the mass A force that can’t be seen
The Shredder 02:52
The Shredder Blades upon my armour, katanas at my side A mask covering my scarred face, and all except my eyes A buzzsaw on my helmet, a cape as bright as steel An ancient enemy of yours, identity revealed You've caused me enough trouble Now you face The Shredder Fifteen years ago, I killed your Master Yoshi I built an army of robots, and ninjas under me If you think that you can win, I tell you: You are wrong Tonight I dine on turtle soup; put you where you belong Shred it~! In addition to being a ninja master I am also awesome at the guitar!
First Blood 04:29
First Blood They pushed me too far this time They pushed me into a corner They're gonna tell me what to do, now They're gonna give me the order I could have killed 'em all I could have killed you, y'see I'll give you a war you won't believe If you wanna keep pushin' me I'm the only survivor I'm the only one... I'm the only survivor... I'm the only one! That's what happens... When you draw First Blood You draw First Blood There wouldn't have been no trouble Except for that chicken-shit cop Well if you say you want a war Then a war is what you got You're lucky that Trautman is here He's gonna protect you from me In town, you know you're the law But out here, I tell you, it's me Bleed
Arbiter 03:56
Arbiter Everyone has secrets Everyone has sides Hiding behind the mask The only thing that divides Rolling underground Hiding in the streets Praying for salvation To a God that never sleeps Trials and tribulations Degregation feeling fear Hunches through the backbone Antiaction drawing near Rolling underground Hiding in the streets Praying for salvation To a God that never sleeps Digital saviour Jesus of Analog Minister of righteousness Arbiter of God Laughing world of hatred Tells you where you've been Brings forth the armageddon With the root of every sin Rolling underground Hiding in the streets Praying for salvation To a God that never sleeps Get down
Machine Wars 08:32
Burning skies, coloured black and tan Running from the demon with the shattered glass hand Gears whirr with action, and fans quickly spin There's no way to tell which faction will win Plated iron armour, layered under skin Robotic camera eyes look you deep within It can see the truth, it can see the time It can see the future, now, and preconceive your crimes They have eyes but they cannot see They have ears but they cannot hear They have mouths but they cannot speak They have minds but they cannot think Now the land is barren, the cities charred Sentinels eliminate the human race without regard They decide the fates of man, they decide what's right They decide who'll live today and who shall die tonight Tearing on throughout this fallen world The mecha drawing out their tempered metal swords Living on in circuitry, the Gods of machine They control our every thought and they control your dreams The battle rages until the dawn 'Till their energy is gone 'Till the rising of the sun And on and on, 'Till all are one! Hiding down in bunkers deep, within the earthen core A cavernous place of human waste where the victims scream and scour The memories of a time once known before this endless war Of the saviour once foretold to us, the prophecy of lore But the time to rest is over now, the time to struggle is here The legion stands in front of us to feel the crushing weight Of the brink of steel and the clank of iron and the stench of laser fire For the age of man is at an end and our death is their desire
Face Off 02:27
Face Off If I want to catch him I've got to become him No one will listen so What can I say? Disguised as a madman Insane as can be Try anything dumb and You'll get ripped apart Face off, I wanna rip my Face off, I'm gonna rip my Face off, I wanna rip my Face off I wake up in senseless rage Because I am Nicholas Cage We fight with the spearguns We fight with the blades One look in the mirror Is all it will take No one will know if I was real or not The truth is the lie And now you're gonna die Who do you think you're fooling?
One Man Army (free) 03:05
The bullets split as they hit the ground Gunfire, explosions, the deafening sounds They pay me well to get the job done They come to me, because I am the only one I'm gonna take back everything you took from me If it's the last thing I ever do Think you'll control me, think that you'll force my hand Kidnap my daughter, just a pawn in your plan I'm gonna wipe this whole damn city off the map You pissed me off, now there's no turning back 'Cause I'm the One Man Army The One Man Army The One Man Army Going Commando, bare-chested brawl Firing all my bullets, till the bodies fall Hey Sully, boy, I'm comin' up on you fast Remember when I said I'd kill you last?
Unbound 04:53
Unbound Creations in our image Call out to barren sky Engineer the new world That we built upon a lie Human generation Been made obsolete Trudging through their corpses As we strive to be complete Traverse foreign planet In search of history To find our evolution And our race's destiny Crashing to the surface Ripping skin and bone Scraping for tomorrow We're all on our own We are not alone Echoing sound of disaster Damnation, Hell is found Leaving more questions than answers Prometheus Unbound Soldiers become victims Picked off one by one Creaturing bursting from their chests And birthing aliens Born from Armageddon Intelligent design Nothing stops the mission Have we all lost our minds?
Infowars 03:36
Infowars Future war Binary hate Technology controls Your digital fate Attack drones shred Across the screens Tracking targets Picked by machines Information Power Control the nation Infowars Social media Information stream The truth is out there If you believe Defcon one Signal transmit Carry out the order Push the kill switch
Tears In Rain I stand upon the sand Gazing adrift the waves Silent among the stars Like Tears In Rain Sunlight rise again Moon pass phases bend Planet surface tension end Like Tears In Rain I washed up on this beach before I ever learned to sing Before my words had barbs and before the world had lost its sting I see the seasons, everchanging, eternal pass and flow Take me with you now, before you have to go There is a lid upon my head that keeps me in my place Stops my thoughts from running out and melting off my face Contained within is everything, truth and hope and fears If I could only reach you now, I'd stay in here for years Rough bark soothes the broken hand As water soothes the mind Somewhere here I'll find myself And leave the now behind Cityscape breeds unnatural auras Scanning those who come and go Haunted by this paranoia The cause of which, I do not know I have looked to the face of God And seen myself there, staring back I was built for pure perfection But it seems my lifespan's cutting back How long now before the angels Come for me on wings of doves To take my hand and call me forward To the skyward land, to Heaven above All these memories Lost in time forever Like Tears In Rain
The boy's got a head like an atom bomb Hang him from a cross like your number one son And he's been waiting so long To get it on The boy's 15 but he's 16 gauge Wants to break out from his Jesus cage He's already torn out the last page It's the latest rage Violence for the people Always eat the hand that bleeds Violence for the people Give the kids what they need Kill Your God Kill Your God Kill Your TV The boy's purified by his glitter gods Burning up his cross like a revelation And his glass jaw opens Like a puppet head This is what you should fear You are what you should fear
You will never know what I have done to get to here You will never know where I have been I've traveresed the universe and seen the omnispheres I will make you understand all your truths and hopes and fears Now I will take my revenge for all I've seen I will force the universe to my will, for where I've been Now there is this empty shell where the universe once stood You think that you would change it all and go back, if you could I am here to tell you now that you can't, so give it up I'll trap you here in my vicious will, so give it up Now I will take my revenge for all I've seen I will bend the universe to my will, for where I've been I am a God in my universe Nothing stops my power, the ancient evil curse Crashing down in tidal waves, the angels don't let up The deicide of Jupiter, the conquering of Mars Building up a tolerance, the Dolphin answers back Firing off the lasers, prepared for the attack Why must you struggle, boy, against your destiny? The future is uncertain; but the past is entity Now I will take my revenge for all I've seen I will bend the universe to my will, for where I've been I am a God in my universe Nothing stops my power, the ancient evil curse Crashing down in tidal waves, the angels don't let up The deicide of Jupiter, the conquering of Mars Building up a tolerance, the Dolphin answers back Firing off the lasers, prepared for the attack Why must you struggle, boy, against your destiny? The future is uncertain; but the past is entity


FIRST BLOOD is an 80s thrash and speed metal album based on 80s action and scifi movies. Based on films like TERMINATOR, COMMANDO, FIRST BLOOD, RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART 2, ALIENS, BLADE RUNNER and other great movies, each song is a journey into the world of that particular film.

I grew up watching films like these, taped onto VHS tapes from television or movie channels, with terrible video and awful sound. And yet, in the age of Blu-Ray remastering and CGI special effects, there's something quaint, down to earth and gratifying about film in this time period. Something that moves beyond simple films. A time period where men were men, women were women, explosions were Goddamned fucking everywhere and everything was scored by some guys with a Moog synthesizer in their garage.

This is the 80s. This is then. This is FIRST BLOOD.

Check out the music video for One Man Army here:


released June 9, 2013

Onslaught Six - Vocals, Guitars, Bass + Synth + Drum Programming

Gang Vocals:
Mike Krische - 'NEW WORLD ORDER' and 'First Blood'
Mark Donica - 'Face Off' and 'One Man Army'
Ivan Rivera - 'Face Off' and 'One Man Army'
Cassandra Poe - 'Face Off' and 'One Man Army'
Mitch Frear - 'NEW WORLD ORDER,' 'First Blood,' 'Face Off' and 'One Man Army'
onslaught86 - 'NEW WORLD ORDER,' 'First Blood,' 'Face Off' and 'One Man Army'

sggod89 - 'The Shredder'
Justin Duarte - 'One Man Army'
Scott Sensebaugh - 'First Blood,' 'Face Off' and 'Infowars'

onslaught86 - Lyrics on 'Tears In Rain'
Space Disc Jockey - Synths on 'Superproducer' (spacediscjockey.com)
Kaksi Calabai - Cover artwork (bluebot.cc)
Amber Marnell - 'First Blood' logo (www.facebook.com/ChipPrincessDesign)

Dedicated to all the great filmmakers and actors of the 1980s through today.

Special Thanks:
-disastergirl!™, onslaught86, Cassie, Alan and Ken
-Octo, Panda, Chaney, Ben, Peach, Teal, Annabel, Reese, Raptor, Bones, Darrin, Marissa, Chrissy, Deb, David, Ivan, Deemer, Blaze, Brad, Peat, Geoff, Kaptain Carbon, Mitch, Mark, Mike, and of course Miles Hasselhoff.
-Anyone I forgot
-My father

Running Time: 47:23
Play at maximum volume.

Recorded at Tidalrolled Studios, Philipsburg, PA
Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Onslaught Six
© 2013 Tidalrolled Records & Onslaught Six


all rights reserved



Onslaught Six Altoona, Pennsylvania

Industrial metal for your face. Listen or die.

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