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The John Carpenter EP

by Onslaught Six

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A. Keswick
A. Keswick thumbnail
A. Keswick Great down-tempo synth jams. Definitely captures the gritty 80s sci-fi action movie vibe. Put on late at night and let images of Kurt Russel fill your head. Favorite track: Assemblage.
Vesper thumbnail
Vesper A must for anyone who was raised on 80s action movies. The vibe, the sound, the beat - it's all here! Favorite track: Main Titles.
Jakub Z
Jakub Z thumbnail
Jakub Z This EP finely emulates the Carpenter's minimalistic, dark, analog soundtrack in similar way as Unit Black Flight and as such is an excellent throwback to days of VHS sci-fi flicks. Favorite track: Descent Into Kowloon.
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Main Titles 03:12
Silver light slides off the smooth edges of parts moving through a factory floor. Relentless precision, each part drilled into place. The harbingers of a clean and delineated world to come. A warning. OMNITek logo branded into a shoulder. Then skin applied, male, sparks dancing over the new flesh. Eyes, hair; clothing, a black beret, city camo. The eyes of ALPHA (Kurt Russell) open and flash. In an instant he is prepared. His mission is straightforward. Simple. There is a man who must die. This man - the OLD MAN (John Carpenter) - will be dead in 24 hours. At the end of the line there are guns, grenades, laser sights, all stuffed into a big black duffel bag. Stoic, the ALPHA unit receives the bag, and the uploaded details of his upcoming flight - to the Walled City of Kowloon. A man watches the construction process from a nearby room of computers and monitors. He steps toward as ALPHA comes off the line. This man is MISTER GRANT. (Louis Gossett, Jr.) - CEO of OMNITek. He lights a cigar with a 20 dollar bill and smiles with pride as he clasps ALPHA's shoulder, an approving father. His voice rumbles. "Best that money can buy. Go and make me proud."
Assemblage 03:53
The OLD MAN works in a filthy room at a back alley table, soldering a signal jammer into a stolen phone. An impatient THUG waits. The OLD MAN hands the phone over, and it immediately rings. The THUG answers, then looks surprised, and hands it back to the OLD MAN. "It's for you." AGENT KILROY (Adrienne Barbeau) is on the phone. "They know. They're coming for you. Get out now." The OLD MAN sneers. "I don't need your help." He hangs up, glaring at the phone. "You're ten years too late." The THUG looks puzzled. "Whatever, man." * In an OMNITek facility, JACKSON (Michael Biehn) types away at a computer. He works intently a moment, then strikes the machine hard with the side of his hand, pushes out of his chair, kicks the rollcart holding the tape drive. Frustration bares his teeth. "Off the project?" He shoves his head in his hands. "I'm just as good as the old man." Behind him, the sound of a woman clearing her throat. "Your father's about to die." "My father's already dead." "Shut up and get your shit." KILROY throws some gear at JACKSON.
KILROY has a car waiting. Over JACKSON whining, they travel - first to an airport, then bundling into a black helicopter. In hours they arrive, landing on the dirty rooftop of a dingy highrise in the Walled City. It smells of life and death, garbage and fresh meat. "You do know how to use a gun?" KILROY asks, holding a .45 out to JACKSON. "I'm not stupid," he answers. She takes a look at him, snorts, and withdraws the weapon. They race into the steamy, dank alleyways. KILROY already seems to know where she's going. But they are not the only hunters. ALPHA is close behind. * The OLD MAN is having Thai coffee at a stall. ALPHA, reaching him first, shoots the cup out of his hand. The OLD MAN breaks into a run, death on his heels as ALPHA sprays bullets into the crowd around him. A pair of hands grab him from an alley; it's KILROY and a wide-eyed JACKSON, who stares disbelievingly. They break off and run through wet, close streets, to the rhythm of construction equipment pounding in the distance, escaping deep into the murk of Kowloon.
Father and son bicker, despite the danger. "You left me and mom and quit the company because you were a coward!" "I quit because OMNITek is WRONG." "I'm doing -good work-, the work you never bothered to finish! The Replicator is going to save millions of lives!" "You ever think maybe there was a reason WHY I never finished that damn thing? You've been played, son. You sold out the human race for thirty pieces of fucking silver and some hope of a plaque over the executive urinal!" ALPHA, still on their heels, overhears. Although he has the opportunity to shoot them, he does not. Confusion has entered his positronic matrix. Conflict shows on his face. How could OMNITek be wrong? He tries to think. He remembers. "Make me proud." A father's approval, a strange feeling for a machine, but so much pride in that simple moment. So much satisfaction. He was a good son. And then pain comes: unbearable head splitting pain. OMNITek wouldn't approve. He must continue with his mission. The pain clears as ALPHA resumes his original program, but the targets have escaped. Only for now. Now there will be new targets on his list- the Man had a Son. Both must be destroyed for the sake of OMNITek. He grips his rifle harder, intent, and sends the signal to summon an OMNITek helicopter. The chase will continue.
Foxhunt (free) 04:56
As KILROY is shoving the bickering father and son back into the helicopter, a second vehicle - the OMNITek carrier - rises over the edge of a building. ALPHA opens fire from the side, with a chaingun. Just barely, KILROY manages to get the helicopter off the roof as the rooftop shatters. The chase roars above the Walled City, a relentless pursuit peppered by exchanges of fire. KILROY pilots; the OLD MAN picks up a shotgun and risks his life firing back against the pursuers. JACKSON screams at him and tries to pull him back inside. Too late; ALPHA's deadly aim connects at last with both the OLD MAN, blowing him apart from the torso up, and the back end of their helicopter. KILROY fights to push the damaged bird around and aims its wobbling frame back toward ALPHA's vessel. She roars at JACKSON to strap on a parachute and jump. There are only seconds left! JACKSON obeys - leaping free just moments before the two helicopters smash headfirst into each other and explode! Blown away by the explosion, Jackson dizzily manages to open his chute, but tumbles back toward the Walled City's outer rim. Burning debris rains down behind him, splattering the dense and unstable rooftops with fiery chunks. As JACKSON struggles feebly to release himself from his chute, ALPHA lands heavily nearby, on fire. JACKSON panics at first, but ALPHA is motionless- clothes and skin slowly boiling away, baring the metal substrate beneath. JACKSON sits overwhelmed by emotions. Kilroy is dead. His long-absent father reappeared only to die before his eyes! This thing, this machine, the company - they took it all away! Blind rage over takes him, and he charges across the roof and kicks ALPHA in the head with a roar of confusion and pain. The burned unit spasms and a diagnostic panel pops open on its head. Among the blinking lights and sparking relays are a few open plugs and a few exposed wires. JACKSON bares his teeth, through tears. "You're working for me now." He grabs hold of a handful of wires and pulls them loose, then jams them into different locations on the motherboard.
A black sedan pulls up before the front gates of OMNITek. An ominously-lit sign reads "OMNITEK: Your Future is Our Business." JACKSON and ALPHA emerge from the car, faces grim and set. JACKSON uses his employee ID to let himself into the building. It is late at night, no employees are present, but the ever-running factory at the heart of the complex thunders in the distance. Making new machines. They stop short. JACKSON tells ALPHA, "I don't know where to go from here. I don't have the clearance to go any deeper." ALPHA smiles thinly. "I do." He pushes in on a secret panel and a well-hidden door in the wall moves. They descend. JACKSON is amazed. "I've never been in this part of the complex before." The cold, sterile areas are clinical, but the thundering noise of the factory floor is getting louder. Jackson sees animals with strange machines attached to them, misshapen beings of science and technology kept in glass vials and steel cages. Strange sounds and smells abound. Soon, they move past animals and see human-cyborg combinations, hooked to tanks, laser lenses instead of eyes, wings and spindly mechanical limbs. He is stunned by all of it. "This isn't what I was building. This isn't what my program was for!" ALPHA tells him, "These are prototypes. Useless now. Ignore them." They go deeper. The hammering of the factory closing in on them. JACKSON swipes at his face with his sleeve as they push through another door. "It's like the walls are breathing. And it's so fucking hot." ALPHA is grim. "We're nearly to Hell. The place I was made." Then a deep, strident voice, that of MISTER GRANT, emerges from the shadows. "No, this is Heaven. A pure and perfect Heaven waiting for all of mankind." He smiles strangely, and another figure also steps forward beside him. It is KILROY, but her face is cold and blank. MISTER GRANT caresses her shoulder. "From now on we make our own angels and demons." JACKSON snarls and ALPHA lifts the AK-47 strapped over his shoulder. But both of them are too late! The new KILROY leaps and pounces on Jackson. A desperate struggle begins, KILROY trying to beat JACKSON's head in. As they punch and spit, rolling along the floor and smashing each other into tables, ALPHA turns on MISTER GRANT, who turns and runs, with a laugh. ALPHA fires wildly after him, but his internal systems clash with his will. Bullets spray into the walls and into pieces of the factory.
The REPLICATOR sits at the heart of the factory, a sick and swollen beast, pulsating with hellish red life. All around it snarl and twist cables, parts, arms, production lines. ALPHA pursues MISTER GRANT toward this final battleground. His rifle clicks, empty. He throws it aside. MISTER GRANT climbs atop the machine and spreads his arms, an invitation that ALPHA accepts. They clash. At first the fight seems ridiculously one-sided; ALPHA's fists are soon coated with blood and MISTER GRANT is bruised, bleeding. But GRANT just laughs. "Nothing to gamble, nothing to lose." He flexes his arm and his skin bursts apart! Beneath the bruised flesh emerges a sleek black monster machine - MISTER GRANT's true form - OMEGA. With a horrid smile and burning pink eyes, OMEGA lunges! He grabs ALPHA by the arm and hurls him so hard by it that the arm disconnects at the shoulder, and Alpha goes spinning to crash against a welding mechanism. He rises, and returns to the fight. Metal fists crunch in opposition. Bodyblows and kneeblows throw sparks in all directions. * JACKSON finally rises from the ruin of the KILROY clone, pulling off her head and hurling it away from himself. He is beaten and tired, clothes torn. He turns and stumbles back the way he came. But he is not retreating. He goes to the first terminal he can find. With an exhausted sigh he begins to type in a long, complex series of commands. After a brief battle with the computer, numbers appear on the screen and a voice begins to countdown overhead. JACKSON looks up the hall. "Get yourself out." Then he pushes his wounded body to escape. * The countdown is at 45 seconds. ALPHA and OMEGA continue to trade blows and taunts. OMEGA's voice booms. "The wonder of science is that we can make anything with it, my boy. We can make friends out of enemies. Life out of metal. Science makes us gods. This machine makes us immortals." ALPHA is aware of the countdown. There is no more time. But the Replicator is burning white hot, a heart about to burst. All he has to do is keep OMEGA busy a few more seconds. He grabs hold of Omega's shoulders and forces him back, back against the heaving ends of the Replicator. "Fuck your science," he grits, a second before the facility explodes. * JACKSON is leaning against the sedan on a nearby hill, shakily lighting up a smoke, leaning against the sedan as he sees the entirety of OMNITek crumble. His life's work and his father's too, gone in flames, but at least the worst is over now. The machines are dead. He stares at the smouldering ruins until the firefighters start to arrive. Then he gets into the sedan, starts the ignition and begins to drive away. There are other facilities. Other copies of the programs. They too have to be destroyed before humanity is safe. And in one of them, a deep voice laughs with smug amusement. "Nothing to gamble, nothing to lose." END






released July 2, 2012

Onslaught Six - programming, samples
Additional sound
Mixing, mastering
Artwork manipulation

Cassandra Poe - Text, concepts

Copyright © Onslaught Six 2012
Released on Tidalrolled Records



all rights reserved



Onslaught Six Altoona, Pennsylvania

Industrial metal for your face. Listen or die.

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