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Peace Through Tyranny

by Onslaught Six

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Waspinator1998 Peace Through Tyranny shows an obvious lyrical and musical evolution from First Blood, yet still retains much of the same tone with lyrics primarily centering around giant robots, ancient deities, and monsters from beneath the waves. An essential part of any Onslaught Six collection. Favorite track: Lord Poseidon.
A. Keswick
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A. Keswick Master Of Puppets meets Transformers: The Movie. If this had been released in 1984, it would today be the world's greatest cult classic nerd thrash metal album. Solid jams about war and injustice, and also robots, with some great appearances by guest musicians including Stemage of Metroid Metal fame. Favorite track: WW3.
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Destron 05:49
Constant yell of chaingun fire Blasting bodies apart Armies marching one by one Until the war will start Lacerating blades of steel Cut through their skin so fast Underneath the flesh, revealed The pretender's final gasp Stormtrooper death squadron Searching for the one Homicidal death machines Political assassination Destron Awaken on a new planet Hungry for revenge Searching for Energon To use to our own ends Seekers dropping silent death Raining from the skies Scorched black from years of war The hour's come to die Stormtrooper death squadron Searching for the one Suicidal death machines Terrorist assassination Destron Burn the villages Scorch the skies Following our Leader's lies
WW3 04:24
A holy war of revelations The ultimate weapon of devastation Nuclear warfare prophecied one A nine headed dragon on the seat of the throne Their blood spills out onto the sand Dying for a cause that they don't understand What you called a soldier was someone's son When all this is over, who cares who won? World War Three They'll draw this out for a hundred years All in the name of the profiteers More and more people die by the day The war isn't over until they say Unholy war of revelations Put us on the path to devastation What you called a soldier was someone's son When the war is over, who cares who won?
Overbearing rulers of weak Created a future, dark and bleak Drafted now into the Third Great War What the hell are we fighting for? Tattered city is a battlefield We use their men as human shields We march on as thoughtless machines To carry out our Führer's deeds Peace Through Tyranny Lesser creatures are the playthings of my will The Senate's word is all we need That's what the propoganda would have you believe Listen to your Government The corrupt man of Precedent Now our captain orders to strike Children killed and women raped This crusade shall never cease Persecution, fascist peace Why do we fight? Why do we lie? Why do we kill? Why do we die? Totalitarian state Created a future filled with hate Ancient tribal warrior race Once outcasted, now embraced Systematic extermination Through genocide, we rule the nation Is this right? The will of God? Or is this all a wicked facade?
Wardick 03:40
You probe the foreign lands In search of energy Violate the sands To go down in history Stake your claim to fame Your righteous crusade America, the beautiful May her colours never fade Deface her every orifice With your tanks and bombs and guns Soldiers armed down to the teeth You rape the land you claim to love With your Wardick Care not for the people Only your selfish needs To make a name out for yourself Ensure your "legacy" Raptors screaming overhead Missiles firing fast Nuclear tactical warheads Eradication blast All of it is just for profit All of it is just for blood All of it is just for power People dying in the mud STAND UP WHERE YOU FUCKING SHOULD! Hateful politicians Hide behind your desks The only thing you care about Is your name on the corporate checks The revolution's coming Your backs against the wall You've outlived your usefulness Get ready for the fall
Dehumanizer 05:40
You find yourself a slave To the madness of the grave To the planets you shall hide Till the enemies subside With the roaring of the tiger And the slashing of the blade A flash of blinding thunder Breaks through the barricade My emotions still run high, even though I'm dead inside So I try to realize, even though I'm not alive Names across a screen Without a meaning Stay awake all night To see the terrible fright I gotta break out from these chains I gotta shatter all these tubes I gotta get back to my brain I gotta run back to you I try every night to find what it means I search deep inside to find my humanity I dare you to face me I dare you to look me in the eyes How can you bear to face me When you know you're dead inside? Dehumanizer
Gouryujinn 05:35
Metal claws that pierce the sky Sees through its burning eyes Lets out its atomic scream Cause the end of everything Dragon blood and chosen one Your judgement has just begun You will suffer for your sins At the hands of Gouryujinn Metal skin and armour strong This conflict will not last long He will never let you win Feel the wrath of Gouryujinn Swims amongst the Earthen seas Terrorizer, killing dreams Emerges from the barren depths Ancient power, bringing death Eternal darkness eclipses light And you will bow before its might Twisted tale of madness ends So it shall begin again Endless Immortal Infinite Eternal
We came from Troy victorious We were following Odysseus We murdered the God's Cyclopean son Incur the wrath of the ancient one We should've gave an offering Sacrificed someone, something The Oracles foretold of this Our destiny is calling us Undersea, he waits us out Trident scepter, bleeding snout Immortal being, armoured threat Coming now to collect his debt Lord Poseidon, God of sea Lord Poseidon, pray to me Giving things to their evil God The sacrifice, a ritual facade They offer virgins to their deity They drown their horses in the sea They quickly give up everything Worthless prayers, sirens sing Lord Poseidon, God of sea Lord Poseidon, bow to me Whirlpools blast into the sky As typhoons breathe howling cries The tidal waves crash on and on Wrath of the Gods strike 'till we're gone Blood is thicker than the water Marching forward to the slaughter Candles burning down to wicks Bodies crossing river Styx Blind religions cannot see Destiny is calling me
Weaponlord 05:03
Warriors clash on the battlefield Weapons smashing into shields Axes swiftly splitting skulls Is this all that a man does? Slaves struggle in the coliseum Battling other men for their freedom Gladiators from ancient tribes It's their fate that the steel decides Weaponlord Fighters come from across the land To enter combat, blades in their hands The Old Ones possess their minds Their destiny has been decided Flesh and bone against the steel The blood spills against their will These warriors from ancient times It's their fate that the steel decides Weaponlord (It's their fate that the steel decides) Bane; The bane of existence Talazia; Warrior princess Divada; Powerful sorceress Weaponlord Korr; Unmatched swordsman Jentai; Warrior queen Zorn; Demon theif Weaponlord
Recognizer 03:18
It gets to the point where you don't care anymore Bleeding on the edge of uncertainty Fleeing from the feelings of the dark monotony Got to break out from the cage (from the rage) From the bleak and the black and the pain Deifier Rectifier Crucifier Recognizer Realizer Compromiser Agonizer Recognizer Sociopathy is the only way, I say Fuck your society anyway I don't need your shit, I don't need your lies I don't need anyone to keep me alive I AM THE RECOGNIZER AND I WILL RECOGNIZE I AM THE CRUCIFIER AND I WILL CRUCIFY I AM THE DEIFIER AND I WILL DEIFY I AM THE RECOGNIZER SO YOU BETTER RECOGNIZE! SO FUCK IT! Say it again, baby FUCK IT! Play it again, Johnny FUCK IT! Say it again, baby FUCK IT!
In the ruins of Old Detroit A man walks through the wreckage With cybernetic metal muscles And a deadly cache of weapons Judges your actions instantaneously Through his mental CPU When he sets his sights on you What are you gonna do? Hyperviolent criminals rule everything you see But they scatter when they hear the words... Dead or alive, you're coming with me I was programmed by OCP Dead or alive, you're coming with me I follow my instructions to the T Dead or alive, you're coming with me If I kill enough, maybe they will see That Dead or alive...you're coming with me They say that he is the future now The government consumes the past But underground the resistance forms Numbers rising fast They broadcast stolen information And what they think they know They think their actions are resistance It's just another form of control Liberate the people from this violent regime They cannot wait to hear those words... DIRECTIVE ONE:SERVE THE PUBLIC TRUST DIRECTIVE TWO:PROTECT THE INNOCENT DIRECTIVE THREE:UPHOLD THE LAW UPHOLD THE FUCKING LAW!
I claim to be your savior Sent here from up above I ask for your devotion Your trust and all your love I'll never speak a falsehood I am your closest friend My followers are loyal Until the bitter end My word is your religion My image is your God I saved you from the squaller I saved you from the sod Your life will fill with riches You'll do just as I say But once you are not useful You'll meet your judgement day They'll drag my name through trenches They'll burn me at the cross But without my guidance They're blind and they are lost Holier Than Thou (You'll do just as I say) Holier Than Thou (Meet your judgement day) Holier Than Thou (I am your closest friend) Holier Than Thou (Until the bitter end) I'll tell you it's His Mission But really, it's my own My truth is all that matters Dead to me, if you oppose And my star will burn the brightest A diamond in the sky They're blind outside my power Bow down to me or die They'll drag my name through trenches They'll burn me at the cross But without my guidance They're blind and they are lost Holier Than Thou (A diamond in the sky) Holier Than Thou (Bow down to me or die) Holier Than Thou (But really, it's my own) Holier Than Thou (Dead to me, if you oppose) I'll wave my hand and all you've known Will kneel before me at my throne Prove your faith in me, my son I'll raise you up when all is done I'll wave my hand and all you've known Will kneel before me at my throne Prove your faith in me, my son I'll raise you up when all is none
Sector 17 07:29
Sector 17 Mirtonian Constellation Instrumental


Originally, Peace Through Tyranny was supposed to be my first album ever released, in 2007. Some of the songs were written, and remain mostly unchanged, over five years later.

Now, after months of work, and with the help of lots of collaborators, I've made what I consider the greatest album I've ever done; a true expression of what Onslaught Six as a musical entity was always intended to be. When it hits, it hits hard, shredding faster and heavier than ever before. 12 tracks of mean machine goodness plus a whopping four bonus tracks (two originals and two covers), instrumental versions, demos dating back to 2008, desktop & phone wallpapers and more!

This album deals with all the injustices of this world, and the many fictional worlds that surround it. If it pissed me off or inspired me in some way, it's here.

When the alien robot overlords show up, when you surrender to their iron will, remember one thing: Peace Through Tyranny.


released May 1, 2014

Onslaught Six - Vocals, Guitars, Great Robot Bass, Live Synthesizers
Bass + Synth + Drum Programming
All music & lyrics

Grant 'Stemage' Henry - 'Peace Through Tyranny'
(stemagemusic.com metroidmetal.com)
Justin 'Heavy Metal Viking' Duarte - 'Wardick,' 'Weaponlord' (alt solo)
Chris 'Rugal' Ryberg - 'Destron'
Tommy 'Pensive Fear' Brown - 'Dehumanizer'
WillRock - 'Lord Poseidon,' 'Weaponlord,' 'Dead Or Alive'
Hardwired007 - 'WW3'

Gang Vocals:
Alex Keswick
Maria B.
Mark Donica
Justin Duarte

Lyrical Assistance:
Alan Bish - Holier Than Thou
onslaught86 - Gouryujinn, Holier Than Thou
Cassandra Poe - Dead Or Alive

Artwork courtesy of the fantastic
Tyler Hogerty

Special Thanks:
Goddamned everybody

Running Time: 63:31
Play at maximum volume.

Mixed, Mastered + Produced by Onslaught Six
at Tidalrolled Studios, Bakerton PA
© 2013-2014 Tidalrolled Records + Onslaught Six


all rights reserved



Onslaught Six Altoona, Pennsylvania

Industrial metal for your face. Listen or die.

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